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Martín Coronel

Hi everybody!

I am Martin, an argentinian man. I have a big passion for products as design making focus about the user experience (UX) and the interface design (UI).

I love traveling, designing and also sharing what I learn. I enjoy the life mixing these passions. After an amazing year of work and travel in Denmark, I start a new dream in Germany. I am living in Berlin at the moment, enjoying this incredible adventure while facing new challenges.

I am interested in finding people with my same projection. I also want to assume challenging projects which could need my skills, to be in a place that allows me to grow, to make my own ideas come true and to share my learnings.

My work

My last projects

UI Design

Affaldplus - Website Redesign

The goal of this project was to redesign the interface of the website of a company based in Denmark which focuses on preventing waste an promoting the use of tools for recycling...

UX UI Design

Health laboratory - Mobile app design

Description in process...

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